To get your hips samba parade ready we offer a series of on line tutorials to get the basic steps prepared. You can learn and practice in the privacy of your own home.

As the steps are different for men and woman we have both produced both versions to make sure everyone is samba ready on the night!

For those clients wanting to take their samba to the next level, we have created an international network of approved ECR approved samba teachers in most major cities worldwide.

Once we have your location we will submit our ECR approved teacher in your area who will be on hand to get you carnival ready!

Once you have chosen your costume and school we will send you a welcome pack with all the information on your school, this year’s chosen theme, your costume and what it represents and a link to the samba.

In order to make learning the words to your samba schools chosen music simpler we provide the lyrics in Portuguese, English and also phonetically to make it easier to sing out when you head down the avenida.