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Experience Carnival was created by two women bound by their friendship, love of Rio, dance and empowering others to shine.

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Samantha Flores

Samantha has spent ten years parading in the Rio Carnival, rising in the ranks to become the first non-Brazilian woman to lead her samba school in its 78-year history.

Samantha’s love affair with Rio started on a girl’s holiday in the year 2006. It was love at first sight and from returning to her hometown of London within six months she had quit my job as a Board Director at a PR agency, packed up everything she owned and moved to Rio.

She fell into buying and selling properties whilst immersing herself in everything that Rio had to offer. One thing led to another and before she knew it, she had become a property agent and in 2010 set up In Town Property which was one of Rio´s top property letting and buying agencies.

Samantha had always had a deep love for dance and was immediately drawn to Samba. The intoxicating rhythm, joy and freedom it represents. On arrival she decided was as important to learn the samba as it was Portuguese and within her first few months living here had begun samba lessons.

In 2011 Samantha paraded in the Rio Carnival for the first time and since then has had the

opportunity to parade with some of Rio’s top samba schools, from Uniao da Ilha to Mocidade, Beija Flor to Imperio da Tijuca. In 2017 she had the incredible honour of dancing for Imperio da Tijuca as their Musa for the first float that opens the school called the Abre Alas, it was an unbelievable experience!!

Samantha is so passionate about this city, carnival and samba. It brings unadulterated joy to the world and wants to share her love and experience with others. She believes that everyone needs a chance in life to live out their sparkle moment and can’t wait to bring this magic to you!

Helen Parker

Helen is fascinated by confidence and comes alive when empowering people to connect to their self-belief and live life on their terms.

In 2014, she had life-changing brain surgery and after learning to walk again, thanks to Samantha’s connections, Helen paraded in the Rio Carnival in 2015.  It was a truly life-affirming moment and after coming off the float the first thing she said to Samantha was, “Everyone needs to be able to have this feeling. You have to do a business to help people do this!”. Three years later they decided to do that business together.

Helen’s brain surgery also ignited a passion for neuroscience and the power of the subconscious mind. She subsequently left her 20-year high-powered corporate career to also become a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has been the enabler of positive change in hundreds of people’s lives through blending neuroscience, deep listening with a witch-like six sense and no-nonsense tools and techniques that create results, quickly.

Helen is fascinated by confidence and comes alive when empowering people to connect to their inner confidence and live life on their terms. She has a deep passion for Rio and its Carnival and is driven by enabling anyone to have this platform to connect to their inner power and shine.

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Rio de Janeiro is host to the world’s largest and most iconic carnival

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