Carnival Experiences

This is your opportunity to immerse and indulge yourself in the pure energy and creativity of the biggest show on earth. We’re here to guide you, inspire you, and create an unforgettable life experience.

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Parade Experience

This is how you get to perform on a float in the Rio Carnival.

The Parade Experience takes you into the Rio Carnival’s purpose-built stadium, the Sambódromo, and unlike the thousands of people there to watch you’ll be performing in front of 90,000 people!

Being part of the Rio Carnival isn’t about being able to samba. There is no dance ability required but you do need masses of enthusiasm. Samba is the lifeblood of Carnival and with us, you can experience it with every detail taken care of to truly make a life experience you’ll never forget.

Carnival Experiences
Spectacular Show - Carnival

Seeing The Show

Getting to see the world’s most spectacular show live and up close is a mind-blowing experience.

With so many seating options on offer, we are here to guide you and arrange the best seats in the house.

Some of the best places to catch all the parade action are from the boxes known as Camerote. The bigger Camerotes can span over three floors, with full hospitality and famous DJs and bands. With the parades often not finishing until after 6:00 am having the Camerote areas to relax, eat and drink whilst watching the incredible show unfold will keep you refreshed and dancing until the early hours.

See the Show is the perfect accompaniment to the Parade Experience to build your energy by absorbing the magnificence of the show and then seeing all the samba schools perform after you perform.

At Experience Carnival, we’re in the business of making dreams come true.

Samba Submersion

From complete beginner to advanced, we offer something for everyone to fall in love with samba.

To watch people doing the samba you would most likely think that it is so fast, very complicated and I could never do it. However, when broken down the samba is a simple three-step motion that anyone can learn.

We offer a variety of lessons and experiences with Rio’s world-renowned teachers that work around your other activities so you can soak up the beach sunshine or go to a street party whilst learning this incredible dance.

Woman dancing at carnival
Group of women at Carnival

Blocos (Street Parties)

With more than 500 parties taking place across the city before and after Carnival weekend, the merriment or folia brings Rio to a standstill.

Blocos come in all shapes and sizes ranging from a couple of hundred people and a brass band all the way through to one and a half million people parading through the centre of Rio.

For you to get the best out of your Bloco experience, we provide an exclusive guide giving you all the information you need to know, from musical style, how many people expected, fancy dress themes and transport options. We have Bloco hosts who can accompany you too. This way you can pick and choose the right Blocos for you.

Family Carnival

Imagine being able to watch your kid perform in the Rio Carnival

For samba queens and kings who are under 14 years old they can perform in the junior samba league called Escolas Mirim. The Mirim schools create a mini version of the main parade but with all the same elements and judging criteria as the other leagues.

We arrange fabulous costumes and positions in these junior schools with seats for all the families to come along and cheer the kids on. It really is a family affair.

Child celebrating Carnival
Child dancing at Carnival

Client Love

We love to empower people to shine.

We've got keys to the biggest dressing-up box on earth and you're invited!

Providing a VIP concierge service with unparalleled access to the Carnival samba schools to bring a unique and full emersion experience.