We have it covered from helicopter rides over Rio’s magnificent landmarks, day-tripping to stunning locations along Rio’s coastline to VIP tickets to the famous Copacabana Palace Ball.

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Rio From Above

Experience the city from a breathtaking perspective.

The Experience Carnival helicopter tours are a chance to see this beautiful city from a breathtaking perspective as you soar above Rio’s iconic skyline.

You’ll see Carnival from a unique perspective, as you fly over the bustling street parties and watch the street parades snake their way through the city. You will then take an aerial tour over Rio, offering unparalleled views of the world-famous Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Tijuca forest and the beautiful beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema.

Paradise island near Rio

Day Tripping

Spend an afternoon on paradise island before being flown back to Rio.

Our helicopter tours can also take you on day trips to stunning locations along Rio’s coastline, either in the direction of the crystal clear waters of Buzios or down towards the luscious forest-covered region of the Costa Verde.

A suggested trip would be first flying above Rio before you head on down the coast to the stunning island of Ilha Grande on the Costa Verde. There you will stop for lunch and spend the afternoon on the paradise island before being flown back to Rio to see the sun setting over the Ipanema beach.

The Magic Ball

The Magic Ball brings pure glamour and style to enhance your Carnival experience.

The first masked ball took place in Rio in 1849 and as the popularity of the masked balls grew major hotels began holding their carnival events. Today only two of these events remain The Copacabana Palace Magic Ball and The Scala Gala.

On the Saturday of Carnival, the Copacabana Palace hosts its renowned carnival extravaganza, the Magic Ball. The ball is a high point of Carnival weekend with celebrities from the world of fashion, art and music in attendance. The Magic Ball brings pure glamour and style to enhance your Carnival experience.

We’ll organise the premium tickets and arrange a visit to an exclusive Carnival atelier to select a show-stopping mask or headpiece to wear at the event.

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