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Presenting the Samba de Rainha Tour 2025 

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Experience Carnival is proud to be partnering with Samba de Rainha

Fresh from the success of our first 2024 Tour, we’re back for 2025 with new intimate and exclusive experiences packed with the energy, culture and creativity of Carnival.

The Tour is an exclusive behind-the-scenes and complete immersion in the world of samba with the pinnacle moment of performing on a float for the current champion school.

That’s right, for 2025 we’re partnering again with the show-stopping and incredible Viradouro!

Sounds good?

We have partnered with the world’s top Samba Queens and Teachers to build on your samba skills, whatever your level is, and prepare you to parade. Our Tour is designed to empower you and unleash your confidence through the art of Brazilian samba- so you can live out a once-in-a-lifetime experience of performing in front of 90,000 people.

After their incredible 2024 lessons we’re delighted to be welcoming back

Evelyn Bastos – Queen of Mangueira

Mayara Lima – Queen of Paraiso do Tuiuti

Mari Mola – Queen of Rio Carnival 2023

Thai Rodrigues – Queen of Rio Carnival 2022

Bellinha Delfim – Musa Viradouro

And introducing for 2025

Luara Bombom Passista of the Year 2024

Luana Bandeira – Destaque Viradouro

Plus: A special Porta Bandeira Masterclass with Fernanda Fonseca at the quadra of Imperio Serrano. The choreographer and trainer of 1st couple for Portella and Imperio will give a demonstration by the 1st couple of the school before the Tour ladies will be given training flags and taught the basics of this special dance.  At the end, you will try on the training skirts that weigh over 40kgs with the headpiece weighing up to 10kgs and try to spin with the flag!

These lessons will all be hosted and translated by our sensational Liani Devito. Liani will also be teaching two masterclasses in Rio which will complement the three months of online classes you’ll receive as part of the 2025 Tour Packages!

2024 Tour Testimonials

We want to empower you to become your own muse

And drum roll… for 2025 introducing the Passista experience upgrade!

We are honoured to be partnering with a prestigious second-division school for the Samba de Rainha Tour 2025. We will be opening the doors for four ladies to join Liani in the Ala de Passitas for their parade.

These positions will be chosen via video audition and a commitment to training is required in the months leading up, online or in-person with Liani in London.

Training will also be held via live link up to Rio, where the Director of the Passistas will put the aspiring passistas through their paces and get them parade-ready before they hit the ground in Rio.

The Passista Experience can only be added as an upgrade to one of the Tour’s packages and not done separately.

Tour Packages

You can choose between two packages that are designed to deliver a highly curated and personalised experience whilst giving you flexibility. We take care of every detail so you can relax and relish every moment in the most beautiful city in the world.

Complete package


  • Parade Experience with Viradouro in a bespoke costume
  • School Rehearsals (2 to 3) including technical rehearsal*
  • 9 x Samba Masterclasses
  • Porta Bandeira class
  • Carlinhos Salgueiro lesson
  • Private Tour of Viradouro
  • Glam Squad for Parade Experience
  • See the Show – Front row Frisa box
  • Photography & Videos**
  • Preparation classes with Liani online (3 months)
  • Private Transport
  • Personalised Merchandise
  • Experience Carnival Hosts

The activity starts on the morning of 21st February and finishes in the early hours of 4th March. We recommend arriving in Rio on the 20th of February and leaving on the 5th of March.

Our early bird discount is available now with a six-month instalment plan!

Compact package


  • Parade Experience with Viradouro in a bespoke costume
  • 4 x Samba Masterclasses
  • Porta Bandeira class
  • Glam Squad for Parade Experience
  • See the Show – Front row Frisa
  • Photography & Videos**
  • Preparation classes with Liani online (3 months)
  • Private Transport
  • Personalised merchandise


The activity starts on the morning of 26th February and finishes in the early hours on 4th March. We recommend arriving in Rio on the 25th of February and leaving on the 5th of March.

*Rehearsals are confirmed when the dates are announced later in 2024

**Photography will be done for each participant for the Parade with a selection of group photography across the Tour elements and a group video for the Parade Experience


We pride ourselves on our knowledge of Rio and our relationships with the Samba world. Our co-founder Samantha Flores also brings her experience of running an award-winning Rio property agency to meet your needs and give you comfort and security when travelling to Rio.

You can add on:

  • Accommodation
  • Semi-Exclusive Costume
  • Champions Parade Experience
  • Samba Glam Photo-shoot
  • Tour of Rio
  • Helicopter Ride
  • Hikes of Rio
  • Spa Treatments
  • Beauty Treatments

Places are limited.

Let 2025 be the year that you awaken your inner Queen!

You’ve got some questions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you

What are the dates of the Tour?

The Complete Package starts on the morning of the 21st of February to the 4th of March. You will need to arrive in Rio on the 20th of February and we advise leaving Rio on the 5th of March as we won’t leave the Sambódromo till the very early hours on the 4th.

The Compact Package starts on the morning of the 26th of February to the 4th of March. You will need to arrive in Rio on the 25th of February and again we advise leaving Rio on the 5th of March.

Do I have to do all the elements of the Tour?

Yes, the packages are set with the samba elements only so that we build a community before and during the Tour. We have taken out accommodation for this year to give you flexibility. You can choose to add on other elements like the tours of Rio and the Champions Parade etc.

What level of samba do I need to have to take part?

We welcome all samba levels to the Tour. There is no requirement to samba on the float though, of course, you can whilst making sure you are holding on at all times for your safety. You are not being judged on your samba skills in a float position. You do need to sing the song and bring lots of positive energy and smiles. You are representing the school and it is a judged competition.

For the masterclasses, you will feel more comfortable and get more from them with your samba at a good level so that is why we have added three months of online classes with Liani to prepare you.

Can I do the Passista experience alone and how does it work?

The Passista Experience is an upgrade to the Tour so you need to be signed onto either the Complete or Compact package. If selected you need to commit to training and Liani will be organising live link-ups with the Director of Passistas from our partner school. The selection process will be done by video audition and will take place in October 2024 when Liani is in Rio with the Director of Passistas.

Once in Rio, you will take part in the school’s street rehearsal (you need to be in Rio 2 weeks before Carnival to participate) as well as parading from them in the Ala de Passistas which will be on either Friday 28th of February or Saturday the 1st of March.

I’m coming alone so would like to stay with another member of the Tour?

Absolutely. In 2024 our ladies all stayed very close to each other and some shared an apartment. If you’d like us to buddy you up to share an apartment you simply need to request this on your form and then we’ll work on your brief. We’ll provide different options that are all close to the dance studio we’re using so you can select.

Where are the activities happening?

Our masterclasses are held at a dance studio in Ipanema. We advise if booking your accommodation to look around this area. We organise accommodation in Ipanema and some areas of Copacabana so you can walk to the studio. We’ll send you the details once you have booked onto the Tour.

How does payment work?

You need to make a booking payment of 10% to secure your spot. We are then running a 6-month instalment plan starting the 1st of June to the 1st of November 2024. You have the choice to pay via credit or debit card which incurs a 3% fee or bank transfer which is 0%. If the 1st falls over a weekend then the payment is due on the Monday after it. Payment is due immediately on the due date.

Do I get to keep the costume?

The costumes need to be kept in Rio till after the Champions Parade as it is very likely Viradouro will be in the top six schools selected to parade again. If you choose to stay and do the Champions Parade then you can take your costume with you. The easiest and most economical way is to put it in the aeroplane hold as an extra bag.

If you are not staying for the Champions Parade then we can organise shipping which you’re responsible for the costs. To give you an indication of the cost for 2024 it was R$1000 to ship to Europe and R$900 to ship to the US. This is dependent however on the size and weight of the costume. If you choose to ship the costume it needs to be done within one calendar month of you leaving Rio. We will not be able to store it after that time.

What is not included in the packages?

Our Complete and Compact packages do not include accommodation, flights to and from Rio, food and drink during your trip. The airport transfers from your starting location and the airport in Rio to your accommodation are not included.  If you upgrade your package to include accommodation you can add in the airport transfer from when you arrive in Rio. You will also need to buy insurance for your trip. 

Still, have some questions?

We’ve still got you! Join our Information Webinar on Thursday 2nd of May at 8 pm (GMT) hosted by Liani, Samantha and Helen from Experience Carnival. It will be recorded too. To sign up click here. You need to be registered to receive the record link.